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Credit Card Processing solutions for your business


It is critical for businesses to manage their cash flows and reduce the percentage of revenues spent on credit card processing to reduce the risk of failure. 

By 2024, the credit card payment sector is predicted to rise at staggering rates, with a 33 percent growth expected. Cash payments, on the other hand, are predicted to decline dramatically, reaching less than 27% of total transactions. 

This development means that accepting credit card payment processing through a reliable payment gateway may be critical to your company’s existence.

How to obtain the cheapest credit card processing for your company?

There are several approaches you may take to achieve inexpensive credit card processing for your company. The most important step in the process is to look above the standard methods and investigate payment providers and payment gateways that are tailored to your unique requirements.

The finest strategies to find the ideal answer for your needs are listed below.

Take the help of an online credit card processing provider

Looking outside of the traditional banking system and investigating merchant service providers can be a wonderful idea. These businesses offer merchant accounts to meet your business needs and assist you in safely managing credit card processing.

Conventional banks typically hire third-party providers to handle their clients’ needs rather than managing payments themselves. Since the bank adds its handling commission to the overall amount, your company will frequently be charged additional fees as a result.

 By streamlining payment processing without diverting you to external websites, merchant service providers streamline your procedure. To ensure safe transaction management, you also get to benefit from integrated fraud monitoring tools.

Merchant services also assist firms in managing their cash flow. Automated invoice and account management is a benefit of effective merchant services for your company. 

Furthermore, merchant payment providers can assist you in obtaining the lowest credit card processing fees because of their iterative business models.

The credit card acceptance procedure must be divided into three main categories in order to have the greatest impact.

Online Credit card processing for small businesses-

Due to the intricacy of the acceptance procedure, online credit card processing frequently carries higher fees. If you want to start accepting online card payments, you must work with a payment gateway to accept payments on your website and company applications.

Payments made in person —

A popular method for businesses to accept payments is in person. This technique of accepting payments is easy because payments are streamlined, and it gives small businesses another way to manage payments. However, you will need a built-in POS system and card reader to manage in-person payments properly.

Wallet Payments-

Payments made with a wallet application on a smartphone are similar to online payments in that the user must authorize the transaction. Companies that incorporate cutting-edge financial technologies into their operations frequently use these payment acceptance techniques.

Embed a compliant payment gateway

Businesses can accept credit card payments online through a payment gateway, which is a piece of credit card processing software. In order to authenticate the payment, payment gateways link payments between the credit card network and the issuing authority. These gateways make it easier to move money from a customer’s card to the balance in your merchant account.

It is crucial to treat the data in accordance with the legal requirements imposed by the Payment Card Industry because of the sensitive nature of the information acquired (PCI). Tokenization and cutting-edge encryption technologies are used in these regulations to safeguard client credit card information during the payment process.

Data breaches and hacking efforts might cause significant losses if the gateways are not PCI compliant. Due to credit card fraud, these attempts could cost organizations a lot of money and damage their brand. PCI compliance guards against security concerns and shields your company’s infrastructure from any penalties.


Choose EmerchantPro for its transparent pricing strategy

It’s critical to understand the pricing plan of your preferred payment provider before making a decision. Having clarity on your operational priorities will help you avoid excessive expenses. 

And implement the most streamlined procedure fit for your organization, whether you’re searching for flat-rate pricing or tiered pricing. EmerchantPro provides the best pricing structure for your business.

Our flat-rate pricing ensures that your business receives the same monthly fees. Regardless of the type of credit card used or the place where it is used. This price structure also assists you in gaining a clear understanding of financial projections. 

By allowing you to calculate how much you may expect to pay in fees. The fee is a fixed proportion of the transaction volume, which varies according to the company you work with.

Another strategy to reduce credit card payment processing costs is to use the interchange-plus pricing option, which adds greater transparency to the process. 

To provide you with a transparent pricing strategy, our pricing model breaks down payments into a breakdown of interchange and markup prices. Get your credit card processing started today with EmerchantPro.

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