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What are Discord bots, and how to use them?


More than 250 million users make Discord much more than a communication alternative. Especially when it offers tools and initiatives to encourage the creation of communities. In this aspect, one of the most exciting features of the platform is the possibility of integrating bots.

What are bots? It is more than likely that you have come across them on the internet, that they follow you on some social network, and, above all, that you have faced them in a video game. In essence, these computer programs aim to execute specific tasks automatically. Something that opens the door to exciting possibilities.

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Bots are used for all functions and activities, from automated 24/7 customer or potential buyer support to indiscriminate spamming at the touch of a button. Bots even manifest themselves as followers on social networks. Fictional followers, of course.

Bots often fill vacant slots in multiplayer games when playing offline or when no other players are available. These bots can interpret the rules of each game and play for themselves. That’s great, but what are they for on Discord?

Bots on Discord: requirements and possibilities

If we reduce the above to the essentials, the critical facet of bots is to perform tasks – routine or not – in an automated way. Thus, in the case of online chat systems such as Discord, it is possible to install or associate bots to create automatic interactions with the participants of a channel or a server.

Through the bots, the community will have access to replicas and pre-programmed functions that we can customize with little effort. Something exciting since no matter how large and expanded the communities of our channels are, it will save us having to be aware of each channel at all times.

And to show a button: the most natural thing when integrating into a server is to run into a bot. An autoresponder that will welcome you, remind you of the purpose of the server and its community guidelines, and hopefully provide you with information of interest during your first steps.

Suppose we are one more member of the community. In that case, we will not have to worry about the bots since the only requirement to be able to integrate them into the server or the channel is to be their owner, act as a moderator or have the permissions enabled for it in the pipeline. 

However, the best is what can be achieved through bots, such as :

  • Have automated chat moderation
  • Get answers to frequently asked questions
  • Offer concise information and automated searches (time, distance, calculator)
  • Create automated birthday greetings.
  • Welcome new members
  • Promote events and activities, and even schedule them automatically
  • Offer reminders and announcements regularly
  • Integrate music, icons, gifs, and even videos in chats
  • Display community rules
  • Activate custom commands

What if we want to enable a bot? The truth is that Discord offers all kinds of facilities for it. The responsible team encourages the creation of these and even invites everyone interested to go through the Unofficial server for the Discord API. At this starting point, to start discovering and learning about the creation of Bots.

Of course, a document is created for developers and information regarding legal terms. that there are

Where to get bots?

If you have a server, moderate one, or access to its configuration by your rank, you will not have problems integrating bots simply by googling. However, we have selected three sites of interest where you can easily filter what you are looking for.


A simple and intuitive space with an emphasis on the visual and in which, by approaching the info tab of each bot, we can start the installation process. As simple as it sounds.

Discord bots

Practical when choosing the theme or utility thanks to a search engine and a label system that will save us time and make comparisons easier.

Bots On Discord

A practically obligatory first stop if we are going to open our server by including a Discord starter pack on the cover. To which we must add a trend system that will come in handy.

Bot installation and configuration process

We have a server. We are also clear about the use we will give it, and we have even found a bot that will make it easier for us to create the community we want. And now that?

Let’s say we want to install the Dank Member bot. One of the most recurrent (it is used in more than a million servers) since it offers us more than 260 commands distributed in 12 different categories.

We can find it on the three previous sites, but in this case, we will bet on the Bots On Discord.

Before adding it to a server, the best thing is to review the contents. If it is popular enough, it will have its website and even its Discord server, as is the case here. Once we are convinced, we click on the Add to server button.

From there, we will be given the possibility to associate it with our Discord,  linking it to a specific channel.

Interestingly, the penultimate step will be to prove that we are not a bot.

Once the bot is installed (or rather associated) on our server, all its members will be notified, displaying its first automated action through a brief letter of introduction. We are making it available to all its social networks and links so that everyone can learn about and benefit from its features.

Finally, we can configure the bot to our liking, always having the option to ban it or expel it like any other member at the click of a button.

From this point, you have at your disposal lots of possibilities. Please take advantage of them in an intelligent way and give a color point to your community.

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