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Are you at the head of a company and interested in animated video? We understand you since it is a marketing tool that can be very useful. However, before diving headfirst into this project, it is useful to understand the process of making a video of this type. You probably guessed it; it can’t be done by snapping your fingers! This is also the reason why a service like ours exists in order to deliver a creation that meets your needs.

How much time does it take?

The answer: it depends! Creating an animated video can take a few days if an already existing template is used, or about a month if completely customized with the help of a production company near me. Obviously, the more the video is complex and requires high quality, the more the number of hours of work will be high.

Which option to choose between the two? First, the use of a template may seem tempting, since as we explained, the video can be ready in just a few days. In addition, the cost is lower, since existing graphics are used.

However, we strongly recommend opting for a personalized video. The reason is simple: your brand image, your objectives, and your target are taken into consideration. A complete analysis of your business is also carried out, which helps deliver an effective message to the right audience. A result that is more difficult to obtain if you go ahead with an already existing model.

The best thing about all of this? At Caviar Multimedia, we can take care of the creative process from A to Z, from the development of the scenario to the smallest final details.

After all, the goal is for your business to shine, right? The quality of your video must come first, we want those who watch it to do so until the very end. Finally, we must not forget that the video must fit with your brand image. A poor-quality video = a poor-quality brand? We agree, no company wants that!

Production steps

Your choice is made! You decide to go ahead with a personalized video. Whether for the purpose of educating, raising awareness, or informing, the production steps remain practically the same.

Take the example of the explanatory video we created for a local company offering an integrated management software package (ERP) for growing San Diego, which centralizes operations under a single system. It’s not easy to clearly explain what an ERP is, you might say! This is why this video made it possible to popularize the services offered by Seigma by using simple, effective, and personalized visuals in the image of the company.

Here are the main stages of production of a video of this kind:

Write the text

The first step is to meet so that we can properly establish your needs using a brief. This document allows you to tell us more about your company, your objectives, and your target so that we can develop the text strategy afterward. The script is the heart of the video since all the other production steps flow from it. It is thanks to him that the visual elements take on their full meaning. Then it will be transposed into a storyboard, which serves as a structure for the production phase. It’s sort of a visual script.

Add narration

When the script and storyboard are complete, it’s time to record the narration and then add it to the video. Professionally recorded voice helps personify illustrations and characters. It is chosen wisely according to your target.

Create the illustrations

Next, it’s time to create the illustrations for the video. Each graphic element must harmonize with your brand image, hence the principle of customization. It’s the illustrations, the characters, and even the choice of colors that make the end result appealing to your audience.

Animate it all

Now that the text, the narration, and the illustrations are created, we must of course animate everything. This is where the video comes to life! This is probably the longest step (but the most fun!) since it requires great expertise and a lot of meticulousness.

Add music and sound effects

Last but not least: adding music and sound effects. Without music, the result would be very monotonous. Try to imagine a television commercial or a animated movie without music… rather difficult, isn’t it? The musical score allows you to convey specific emotions depending on the message you want to communicate to your audience. It’s like the icing on the sundae!

There you go, you now know the recipe for building a quality animated video through one of the best video companies near me. A well-constructed message with eye-catching visuals is the key to projecting a professional image for your company.

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