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Types of Relaxation massage in Calgary and its benefits


We all know that massage is a multipurpose treatment. It is used for disease and medical condition at the same time it is also use for relaxation purposes. Relaxation massage in Calgary is very popular nowadays because people are getting awareness about the benefits they can get after having a massage therapy.

Here are some relaxation massage types and their benefits.

Note: All these massage types mentioned in this article are not only used for relaxation purposes. But also use for other medical purposes. If you have any kind of allergy or special conditions, consult your doctor and get yourself a massage therapy only if your doctor prescribed.

Swedish massage

Swedish massage is the most popular massage. It reduces tension, muscle pain and boosts your mood. Many people prefer this type of massage to relax their body. We all know that working 9 to 5 is very hectic and while sitting for 8 hours every week can affect your back severely. People who deal with back pain and problems like this prefer having Swedish massage once a week to freshen their mood and release tension from their muscles.

Deep tissue massage

This type of massage is also beneficial for relaxation as it focuses on the deep tissues of the body. We all know that massage focuses on the muscles and after having the massage we feel lighter and relaxed, because those muscles get relaxed and make room for the blood to flow properly as it is meant to flow. Deep tissue massage does the same with or deep layer of tissue. A therapist applies immense pressure on tension points of the body so that the tissues and muscles feel relaxed and give you’re a mind signal of comfort.

Hot stone massage

This massage is one of a kind massage which uses hot stones to place on a body tension area. For example, if you are dealing with the back pain the therapist will place those heated stones on attention points which lead towards the back. This method is very beneficial for pain relief and relaxation purposes. Along with benefits it also has some drawbacks. If you have any open wounds and cuts, this massage can worsen them so avoid having it if you have any open wounds or cuts. Another drawback is that if your skin is sensitive and cannot bear the heat of those stones it may harm your skin. So avoid getting this massage if you have a sensitive skin, the rest is good


Reflexology is a type of massage which uses tension points of our hand feet and years period these tension points are known as the main tension points of the human body, as they are linked with some of the organs of the body. This method of massage is very beneficial for some diseases and conditions. You feel relaxed after getting this massage.


This massage is totally based on the pleasant smell of essential oils. As the name refers aroma which means a pleasant and a significant smell. This massage uses essential oils to the body, this is also known as the advanced version of Swedish massage, but with a twist of essential oils. The essential oil give our mind a comfort signal when applied to the body. When the therapist apply immense pressure on the tension points with a twist of essential also it will become the most relaxing experience you will ever get. But it also has a drawback, if your skin is allergic to essential oil or allergic to any scent and smell then this massage is not for you you can switch to Swedish massage because the Swedish massage is as same as aromatherapy but without essential oils.

Benefits of relaxation massage

It reduces tension

The purpose of relaxation massage is to release tension from our muscles. People prefer this massage because of some good reasons. It helps in blood circulation of our body. Did you notice whenever you feel pain in any part of your body you start rubbing that area massage uses the same technique with oil and other products? It is surely relaxation massage in Calgary and release tension and make your body good to go with the flow while the blood is circulating properly without any tension or blockage.

Boost your mood

As mentioned above a type of a massage which is aromatherapy. The aromatherapy is the perfect example of boosting a mood. In aromatherapy the technique which is used is essential oils. The essential oil has a specific smell which give our mind a signal of comfort. That we are getting comfortable to that area or that particular place. So we feel relaxed and comfortable. Same is the case with other relaxation massage it will boost our mind surely because the therapist when apply when immense pressure on attention points of the body with their fingertips they uses a particular and significant rotation of fingertips for the tension points so that it can release the tension from the muscles and give you a relaxing sensation.

Helps in migraine

Did you know that many of the massage therapies use to treat many of the diseases same is the case with migraine?  CTS is preferred by the doctors to those patients who are dealing with the migraine. This therapy focus on the area of the head and applies a perfect amount of pressure which needs to treat the migraine delete


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