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What can I do with PSN?


What can I do with PSN?

What can I do with PSN? At PSN, you can purchase various services and content, and participate in online communities and online games.

However, depending on the place of residence and the equipment you are using, the services available may differ or support may not be provided.

You may use the PSN directly or indirectly, (1) for commercial or commercial purposes without SIE’s permission, (2) 3. in a manner that violates the Community Code of Conduct, or (3) SIE, SIE. It must not be used in a manner that harms its affiliates, licensors, providers, or other stakeholders, and other customers.

Who is the provider of PSN services and content?

All service content is provided by SIE. This includes third-party service content contracted with SIE. The third-party may deliver certain service content or provide customer service.

Precautions regarding service content

● In order to enable the provision of services by third parties, SIE may provide the personal information of customers who use content managed by third parties to the third parties in accordance with the “Privacy Policy” . ..

In the event of a conflict between these Terms and the individual terms or the terms of the services associated with the PSN, these Terms will prevail.

● To use PSN services and contents with peace of mind please be sure to check “Precautions for Health”.


What is a wallet?

A wallet is a prepaid payment method that can be used to settle PSN service content. However, the wallet may not be available for some payments.

The wallet can only be used to purchase service content provided by SIE through PSN. It has no value other than PSN.

Individual terms may apply to the use of wallets earned through sweepstakes and promotions.

Can I use the wallet even if I am under 18 years old?

It is not possible to register a wallet exclusively for accounts under the age of 18, but payments can be made through the wallet of the family administrator’s account.

Family admins can set monthly usage limits for accounts under the age of 18 that they manage.

How do I change my wallet?

The charging method is as follows:

Credit card;

“PlayStation Network Card / Ticket”, “PlayStation Store Card / Ticket”;

Mobile payment;

“PayPal”; and

Other payment methods specified by SIE in the future.

Is there a limit to the charge to the wallet?

SIE has a charge limit. If the registered address of your account and the regional information of the issuer or provider of the payment method you are using are different, you will not be able to charge. SIE may also refuse to charge your wallet.

Can I get a refund for my wallet?

If a customer who has a registered credit card (including “PayPal”, the same applies hereinafter) information purchases service content,

What if I can’t make a payment?

If something goes wrong with your wallet or payment, SIE may stop servicing the Covered Account and the accounts under its control.

SIE may attempt to withdraw your credit card multiple times.

Purchases and transactions

How do I close a transaction on PSN?

You can only make purchases from SIE affiliates that are responsible for the country or region in which you live.

The services and contents provided, their specifications, and prices are subject to change or discontinuation without notice.

Is it possible to cancel a transaction?

(including the fees that SIE will pay to the credit card company, etc.).

How can I check the transaction history?

You can also check your purchase history from the account management screen of PSN or the account management site.

Grants and restrictions of rights

7.1 Who belongs to the content provided by PSN?

All intellectual property rights and other rights and interests contained in the properties of PSN belong to SIE and the third party contracted by SIE, unless otherwise expressly permitted by these Terms.

“Properties” means all software, data, content, products, services displayed or provided through PSN, provided on PSN or related to PSN’s service operations, and hardware used in connection with PSN. It means that.

7.2 What rights / obligations do users have?

The property is subject to these Terms and for your personal and non-commercial use only on PSN-enabled devices, for you (including the holder of the account managed by your account). It is licensed in a non-exclusive and withdrawal format.

You may not do the following with respect to the use of the property without the permission of SIE:

Sale, distribution, rental, sublicense, modification, adaptation, translation, reverse engineering, decompilation, or disassembly.

Duplication, transfer, or public transmission.

Derivative work production or download by methods other than those provided by SIE.

Commercial or commercial use.

Use or access that violates this agreement and any applicable laws and regulations.

7.3 Precautions regarding the grant of rights

● Expressions such as “buy”, “sell”, “sell”, and “buy” used on the PSN or in connection with the PSN are intellectual property rights related to the property from SIE or a third party contracted by SIE., Ownership and other rights do not imply transfer or transfer to you.

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