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Dyson vacuum not turning on


Dyson vacuum not turning on. It is normal for the Dyson vacuum to not turn on if the battery is discharged. Plug the vacuum in and use the wall charger to recharge the battery. Check to check if the vacuum still works by turning it on after waiting an hour or two.

We frequently get emails asking for help since “My Dyson vacuum won’t turn on” is a fairly typical issue. Fortunately, after some research, we discovered that you can identify and, in some circumstances, even fix the vacuum yourself.

Dyson vacuum not turning onDyson vacuum

There are two main causes of a Dyson vacuum cleaner failing to come on unexpectedly: either the vacuum cleaner isn’t receiving enough electricity or there are safety concerns How to empty dyson vacuum. For instance, a Dyson without a filter or with an open dust container cannot be turned on to avoid harm.

When you press the power button, the vacuum may refuse to operate for a variety of reasons. Just a few of the potential problems are listed below. To find out if your vacuum has any of these issues, give it a thorough inspection.

Blown Fuse

A 13A fuse is located within each Dyson vacuum. To safeguard the electronics and the motor, the fuse will blow if a potentially harmful electrical current flows through the vacuum.

Naturally, even the best Dyson vacuum won’t operate if the fuse blows. Due to the broken motor, this is one of the few fixes for the “Dyson vacuum on off switch not working” problem.

The button won’t work no matter how many times you press it because of a blown fuse.

The problem with the fuses is extremely uncommon and typically only appears when the motor is broken. Unfortunately, you will need to submit the vacuum to dyson vacuum not sucking for manual examination if the fuse blows. It is not advised to open the vacuum to change a fuse because doing so will void your warranty.

Damaged Battery

To determine whether the battery is damaged, examine it (cracked, dented, etc.). A damaged battery poses a serious safety risk, just like a damaged power cord. Lithium-ion batteries are used in almost all Dyson vacuums.

When exposed to air, lithium reacts strongly. It has the potential to spark or possibly blow up. Therefore, if the battery cover is destroyed, your home could actually contain a ticking time bomb. Stop using the vacuum right away, then put it somewhere safe (an outdoor shed, for example).

If at all feasible, take the battery out of the vacuum. As proof, take a photo of the broken battery. Next, throw the batteries away.

Device Overheating

The vacuum’s battery drains more quickly when it is operated in MAX SUCTION MODE. Before charging, the vacuum must cool down for a while.

As indicated by the amber LED light flashing and the possibility of the motor being hot. Put the vacuum back on the charger after waiting a little while so the battery can finish charging.

Dyson vacuum has a reset button

Are There Reset Buttons On Dyson Vacuum Cleaners? Dyson vacuums don’t have specific reset buttons, so no. Understand the cause of the vacuum’s malfunction before attempting to reset it.

There is a distinct reset technique for each common failure that will restore the vacuum to normal operation.

A light turns on

A light turns on If a blue light illuminates, there is likely to be an impediment. This could be in the actual vacuum cleaner or in a component.

For instance, cleaning a Dyson HEPA filter can fix the issue. After clearing any obstructions, try turning the Dyson back on.

A red light should turn on. The battery is the next common point of failure. Your Dyson’s battery is definitely worn out, therefore you should get a new one.

There is a battery issue if the Dyson stops functioning at all, even after pressing and holding the power button for 10 seconds. There is absolutely no power in the vacuum.

It’s crucial to make sure the Dyson is charging before simply purchasing a new battery. In the post “Dyson vacuum not charging,” I walk you through the entire process of checking this.

Clogged tube can stop vac from working

Your Dyson vacuum may stop functioning if a filter becomes blocked due to improper maintenance. Ensure that your vacuum’s filters are clean and debris-free.

Once completely dry, reinstall the filters after cleaning them and allowing them to air dry. Check the vacuum’s charge and functionality before using it. If not, check the installation of the filters.

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