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Are Packers and Movers Affordable? How Much Should I Pay for Household Moving Services?


Are packers and movers affordable, this is the most common question people ask when it comes to booking packers and movers for household moving services in India. Well, it is quite tough to answer this question because every person has different requirements and budgets. You might feel a moving company in Delhi charging Rs. 10,000 for 2BHK shifting services is cheaper whereas a person with a low budget may find it very expensive.

So, the answer to your question related to packers and movers charges is not straightforward. They might be affordable to you but expensive to others. Things happen differently to different people. In general, packers and movers charges for local house shifting services range between Rs. 4,000 – Rs. 20,000. But their charges vary depending on the person’s requirements.

Well, there are many moving companies in India that offer high-end packing and moving services at affordable rates. Well, finding such companies is not easy but, you can at least estimate your moving cost or packers and movers charges.

How to Estimate Packers and Movers Rates?

To estimate your home shifting rates in India, use the packers and movers cost calculator online. Yes, there are many online transport service booking portals that help people to calculate their moving costs. By just entering the details of your move like – moving date, destination and source name, and the quantity of the goods, you can easily estimate home shifting charges.

Packers and movers charges are based on a few certain things. And this is the reason why you are supposed to share your move details with movers to let them estimate household shifting charges in India. So, when you will use the moving cost calculator tool, you will have to feed all the details of your move. Then you will get an estimated price of your move over your phone in just five minutes.

Are Packers and Movers Affordable? How Do They Estimate Home Shifting Charges?

As discussed above, home packers and movers can be affordable or expensive to you and this completely depends on your budget. You will have to first set your moving budget to find an appropriate mover within your budget. Compare packers and movers charges by getting quotations from different companies. This way you will know which company is offering services at the best price.

And, when it comes to estimating home shifting charges a removal company considers several things. Let’s see those common factors that play an important role in determining household shifting charges by movers.

Packers and movers determine their charges considering the following factors: –


To determine home shifting charges in India, movers will consider the exact distance between the source and the destination. Local shifting always cost less than an intercity move. So, you can assume that the longer you move, the higher you pay.

Goods volume

The total number of your belongings will also be considered by movers and packers. And, not only this but also the nature of the goods will impact packers and movers charges. The delicate items require more attention. This doubles the responsibility of the movers hence, they increase their charges. Packers and movers estimate their price according to the size of your home like- 1Rk, 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, and 4-5BHK.

Packaging materials’ quality

To prevent the goods from getting damaged during transportation, it is imperative to pack them using the best-quality packaging materials. Moving companies use the best packing supplies to pack your belongings and transport them safely to your new address. These expenses will be added to your bill.

Transport size

The transportation mode and its size, both are considered to determine household shifting charges in India. Suppose you are moving 1BHK items from Delhi to Noida, then movers will bring a tempo to load and transport your belongings. But if you have 2-3BHK goods then a medium- or large-sized truck is required for goods transportation. Different size of trucks costs differently.


Movers will cover your goods against damages with transit insurance. For this, you will have to pay approx. 3% of the total value of the insured items.

Taxes and GST

Usually, moving companies do not disclose this assuming that people are already aware of this. However, few people have no idea that movers will add taxes and GST to the bill. An 18% GST rate will be added.

So, this is how a removal company estimates its charges. They will provide an estimate to you. But, how much you should actually pay to your movers depend on your exact requirements.

How Much Should I Pay to Movers for Household Shifting Services in India?

We just discussed what things are considered by packers and movers in India to estimate their charges. Let’s see the approximate packers and movers charges in India.

  • Movers will charge packing charges that would cost around Rs. 1500 – Rs. 3000 for 1-2 BHK household goods.
  • Laborers would cost around Rs. 1400 – Rs. 2100. Each labor can cost up to Rs. 700.
  • Transportation costs will range from Rs. 2000 – Rs. 4000.
  • Insurance will be 3% of the total value of the insured items for ex- if the goods worth Rs. 1,00,000 are insured then I will cost you 3% of that price i.e., Rs. 3,000.

This way the total cost of your 1-2 BHK home shifting services will be approximately Rs. 7,900 – Rs. 11,000.

But the charges may get affected by a few factors like distance and the total weight of the consignment. Apart from this, the physical activities for movers increase the charges. If you want to have a safe and smooth relocation experience under your budget then get quotations through transport booking portals online. This way, you can compare packers and movers charges in India and hire the most affordable service provider.

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The Bottom Line

Every person has different requirements and budgets too. Hence, it’s quite difficult to say if the movers and packers are affordable for you or not. But I can say that movers put a lot of effort into your move just to help you move smoothly. And for this, they charge a genuine price. If you don’t want to get cheated by a fraudster, then always consider hiring a moving company from a reputed online portal.

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