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Host Contests as a Fun Way to Bring in New Followers


Contests are similar to give a way in the sense of interactive posts.

The basic idea is the same. Thousands of people sign up to win a prize, but only a tiny percentage are lucky enough to win the award.

The most significant difference is that the contests are somewhat more interactive than giveaways.

Contests can be efficient ways to increase engagement and bring an element of excitement to your business. Here’s how Myntra utilized an interactive contest post to get under 7000 responses in less than two hours click here.

Here are the key elements to a high-engagement and successful contest:

Make it easy to participate:

The more difficult it is to gain participation, the greater of a prize you’ll have to provide to create a significant amount of engagement. In posts such as these, it’s best to limit requirements to a minimum.

Commenting, sharing the post, and following your blog a prerequisites to be eligible for entry:

The goal is to increase awareness and awareness of posts; earning comments and shares are two of the most effective ways to improve the results.

Make use of an attractive image to draw attention:

If your content doesn’t grab the attention of social networks, it’s unlikely to get much exposure in the first place.

Provide an incentive that makes the contest impossible to miss:

Your prize must be worthy of each person who participates in the game. One of the most influential battle-rewards concepts includes vast discounts or even free items.

Share Content Across Multiple Channels

The truth about advertising on social networks is it’s not focused on “getting lucky.”

A brand can have one blog post that goes viral accidentally. However, it’s not a long-term or sustainable method, and it’s only a one-time.

Social media marketing success is all about numbers. If you publish consistently high-quality, regularly scheduled posts, you’ll see an increase in engagement and followers.

However, there’s a way to enhance your approach and see more significant results through your social media campaigns.

Instead of using each article only once, reuse every piece of content on several channels.

Most of the posts you make are suitable for multiple platforms. Posts that are successful on Twitter are often significant in the context of Instagram, Facebook, and vice another way around.

When you upload a blog post, ensure that you share it on every channel you can.

This way, you’ll be able to increase the amount of work you put into it. One article can be the basis of 2 or 3 separate posts.

Since it’s a numbers game, that is merely a way of increasing the odds to your advantage.

Craft Eye-Catching Infographics

Infographics assist brands in packing lots of valuable information into digestible images.

They’re fantastic instruments for increasing shares and getting more significant social media signals out of your content.

Here’s how one music equipment company used an infographic to market its products and educate customers simultaneously:

When you post the infographic you created, remember that the most valuable information is the most important thing to post followerspro.

If your informational graphic is just a beautiful design, people aren’t likely to share it. A great infographic combines appealing design elements and pertinent information for the viewers.

Take those two elements, and you’ve got a formula for success.

Feature Your Customers in User-Generated Content Campaigns

Content created by users (UGC) provides an opportunity for win-win scenarios for brands using social media.

It allows brands to communicate with their customers, receive feedback, and then convert the submissions into a joint post, which is then shared with the community.

Over 27,500 people have used the hashtag, which led to many brand new shoes for children in need, as well as a lot of media attention for TOMS. This is among the main reasons why they’re so popular.

For your branding hosting, UGC events to raise awareness and encourage users to share effectively increase social media buzz.

Use Fill-in-the-Blank Posts to Drive Engagement

Fill-in-the-blank posts are straightforward. The user is asked to write a sentence with space for a prompt, and users leave their comments. https://www.jpostagency.com/

It’s not the most profound or innovative as other methods may appear; however, it’s an excellent method to increase comment and participation.


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