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What is NORSTRAT, Its purpose, and its services?


NORSTRAT is a software that is used for strategic planning and forecasting in the oil and gas industry. NORSTRAT is able to provide accurate insights into future performance, drilling activity, and pricing. In this blog post, we will explore what NORSTRAT is and what its purpose is. We will also give you a brief overview of how to use NORSTRAT and some of its services.


NORSTRAT is a weather forecasting service that provides forecasts for specific locations across the United States. The forecasts are made using data collected from weather stations around the country. NORSTRAT users can access these forecasts by selecting a location from the list on the homepage or by entering a new location in the search bar.

NORSTRAT also provides other services such as severe weather alerts and climate information. The severe weather alerts allow users to receive updates about potential severe weather conditions in their area, while the climate information provides information about current temperature, precipitation, and wind speeds for different parts of the country.

What are its services?

NORSTRAT is a weather forecasting service that provides severe weather and climate data, forecasts, advisories, warnings, and graphics to governments, businesses, the military, and the public. The service can be accessed through a web-based user interface or through satellite. NORSTRAT offers historical data going back to 1871 and forecasts for up to 10 days into the future. The service also offers real-time graphical displays of precipitation rates, wind speeds and directions, Accumulated Snowfall Totals by State or Territory from select locations, Tornado Warnings/Outbreak Reports from select states/territories, Heat Index Values for specific cities or regions in the United States during a defined time period (by hour), and more.

What is NORSTRAT’s Purpose?

Norstrat is a global resource for oil and gas market intelligence. It provides comprehensive analysis of upstream and downstream oil and gas companies worldwide, as well as energy commodities. NORSTRAT’s objective is to help its customers make better informed investment decisions. NORSTRAT’s services include news and data dissemination, research, consulting, and events.

How much does NORSTRAT cost?

NORSTRAT is a global atmospheric satellite data service that provides real-time, near-global observations of the environment. NORSTRAT was developed as an updated and improved version of the NOAA National Center for Environmental Information’s FORC3D product. NORSTRAT is used to provide forecasts and warnings for hazardous weather events, climate change research, and strategic planning.

The NORSTRAT data are provided in both short (1-hour) and long format (24-hour), with imagery resolution of 25 meters. The services include real-time observation of the Earth’s atmosphere, land, oceans, ice sheets, vegetation, ground Cover Type data, snow cover extent and height data, water vapor content over the world’s oceans monthly science products; weekly synoptic charts; full global analysis products including GPM Precipitation analysis; national averages calculation products; monthly Archive products with five levels of detail from global to pixel level; daily Distribution Maps; DEMs covering all inhabited continental regions (from 1:25K to 1:250K); severe weather outbreak outlook products; medium range forecast guidance products; rawinsonde sounding files for sea ice concentration analyses.

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